At EverFood we see a future where Insect-Based protein is at the center of most meals/snacks available on the market. Mostly because of its sustainability and low production cost compared to other protein (Animal) and low space occupation compared to plant proteins. 

But a the moment, the image of insect protein isn't at its best. People know that Insect protein is sustainable but they aren't aware of how delicious a product made with insect protein can be. Mostly because previous companies didn't focus their efforts enough on the taste of the product. 

Delicious products (in this case granola) is the first step to make Insect Based snack a "normal purchase" for consumers in Thailand, which then will have a greater regional (and hopefully one day, global) impact.

Our granola is just an introduction to consumers for insects-based snacks by mixing cricket flour with more familiar ingredients like almonds, oats, coconut nectar, etc...

Our granola bites have:
  • 20g of protein
  • Less than 5g of sugar
  • 100% natural
  • High Vitamin B12
  • The most delicious taste

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