Where was EverFood founded?

EverFood was founded in Bangkok in 2020 and is privately owned

You talk about addressing global food and sustainability problems on a large scale. Why start with granola?

We believe that a delicious and healthy “snack” is one of the first steps towards normalising the consumption of insects, which will, in turn, have an enormous global impact. We also intend to offer many more products than just granola over the next months. 


Where do your crickets come from?

All our crickets come from Chiang Mai, Thailand. which is one of the biggest Cricket Flour production city in the world.

How do you make cricket flour?

After cleaning the crickets, we freeze them to “hibernation-sleep” mode and then mill them into a fine flour. 

Are crickets vegan or vegetarian?

Technically, no (crickets are animals, after all). But depending on your motivations for being vegan or vegetarian (sustainability, animal cruelty, animal advocate, etc...), you might be willing to eat insects.

Why are crickets sustainable?

To make it simple, think about 100gr of Beef vs a 100gr of Cricket, well it takes; 12x less feed, 100x less greenhouse gasses AND about 2000x less water to make the 100 gr of Cricket vs the Beef…
Crickets also have very little to none Land Impact as you can vertically farm crickets (indoor) and use minimal space

Is crickets safe to eat ? 

Eating crickets is 100% safe and has been part of the culture here in Thailand for decades, on the top of that our cricket made products are approved by the FDA.



How does your granola compare to other Granolas?

We managed to make a delicious and healthy product that compares great to other granola, we have half the amount of sugar, more than x3 times the amount of protein and some vitamin B12 thanks to the crickets. 

Our recipe was developed by a French Pastry chef with more than 10 years in Baking high end products 

The result is a delicious bar filled with qualitative nutrients, ideal as an office snack, breakfast, or pre/post-workout.

What is the shelf-life of your Granola?

Because we use zero preservatives, the shelf life of our granola is 12 months.

What’s the deal with shellfish allergens?

Crickets and crustacean shellfish (shrimp, crab, lobster, etc) are all arthropods. While they are distant relatives, the proteins in their body could be similar enough to elicit an allergic reaction in some people who are allergic to shellfish.

Are you Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved?

We are FDA approved and can find the FDA numbers on the back of each pack. 



How can I pay for my order?

You can pay via transfer and message us directly on all of our social media platforms. 

You can also order directly on:
Our line official :
Shopee Shop :

Do you take returns or offer refunds?

As all of our products are perishable, we do not offer returns at this time. However, if you’re not happy from your experience with EverFood, please contact us at
We’d love to hear your feedback.



Where do the Granola bites ship from?

Our Granola are made in Bangkok and therefore shipped from Bangkok, usually using ThaiPost or Kerry express. 

Do you have free shipping?

Free shipping applies only to orders above 1000THB